Jersey Mike’s loyalty launch shows regional differences in consumer acceptance of NFC

More than 200,000 of the sandwich chain’s customers have signed up for a loyalty program that offers both NFC tags and barcode-based ID. In southern California many outlets have seen almost half their customers choose to use the tags while those in other regions are only moving to mobile contactless as they become more familiar with the technology.

Jersey Mike's Subs
JERSEY MIKE'S: Loyalty programme provided by Skypop

Jersey Mike’s Subs, which has more than 600 branches across the US, has launched a loyalty programme that provides customers with both an NFC tag and a barcode-based membership card to identify themselves to receive rewards at the point-of-sale.

More than 200,000 customers signed up for the new Sub Club Rewards Program in the first month and the ID option chosen by members reveal strong regional variations in technology acceptance amongst the company’s clients, platform provider Skypop reports.

“Adoption of the mobile ID sticker versus the membership card varies widely by geographic location and familiarity with use,” Skypop’s Catherine Nunes has told NFC World. “Many of the Southern California franchise locations show 40 to 50% of their members choosing the RFID mobile member ID sticker to identify their membership at the register.

“Other geographic locations show less members initially choosing the RFID mobile membership ID sticker over the plastic cards, but have demonstrated steady growth as the stores and the customers become more familiar with the use and convenience of not having to search for plastic cards or turn on phones or launch applications to use.

“The beauty of the Sub Club mobile member ID solution is that the RFID sticker just holds and transfers a secure membership ID number and does not require any power, application launching, or juggling technology or plastic cards to use,” Nunes adds.

“A member simply taps the ID sticker to a reader at the register, and it transfers an identification number and verification to the register. The member then earns points and awards based on their purchases, as well as receiving ongoing membership messages and offers.”

“Jersey Mike’s is a 56-year-old company using the latest technology to reward our loyal customers,” says Rich Hope, the sandwich company’s chief marketing officer. “The Sub Club Rewards Program is getting rave reviews because it is a super convenient award system which allows our local store owners to connect directly with their best customers.”

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