Spanish students to register for classes with NFC

Samsung has signed a deal with a Spanish university to develop and pilot test the use of NFC phones to track student attendance.

Samsung and Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca
PARTNERS: Samsung's Celestino García and Jose T Raga from Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca seal the deal to create classroom check-ins

Samsung has signed an agreement with the School of Engineering and Architecture at the Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca in Madrid. The deal will see the two develop and pilot test the use of NFC phones to register students for classes and make it easier for teachers to track individual students’ attendance levels.

For the project, a university team led by Professor Sergio Rios will develop and test an NFC student attendance application using Samsung phones running two different operating systems: Bada and Android.

The pilot, due to go live next term, will see students equipped with NFC phones being able to register for class by simply touching their phone to an NFC tag located at the entrance to the classroom.

For teachers, says Samsung, the new system will eliminate the need for a manual roll call, allow easier tracking of attendance records and result in better use of school hours.

Earlier this week, HID Global reported positive results from a trial at Arizona State University in the US which focused on the use of NFC to control access to physical locations around the campus.

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