Germans warm to NFC

German consumers are increasingly positive about the idea of making payments with contactless cards and NFC phones, a new survey conducted for Euro Kartensysteme has found.

German flag
GERMANY: 'Signs of a turnaround'

Overall, 43% of respondents to the survey of 1,040 Germans aged 18-59 said they could well imagine making contactless payments in the future. Acceptance levels vary between different contactless payments technologies, however, with 58% saying they would make a payment with a contactless debit card, 50% would use an NFC phone and 41% would use a contactless credit card.

The most popular types of contactless purchase envisaged by respondents were parking (58%), public transportation (55%), petrol stations (54%), shopping in general (42%) and grocery stores (37%).

“Until now, the Germans have been more cautious compared with other nations when it comes to cashless payments,” the survey findings conclude. “Now there are signs of a turnaround.”

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