Schwing! LikeBelt concept reads NFC tags with a hip thrust

LikeBelt: Fun, but not likely to be the next big thing at NFC conferences

Enterprising developers have come up with a ‘LikeBelt’, an NFC-enabled belt buckle that can register Facebook ‘likes’ or check-ins with a thrust of the wearer’s hips.

The humorous concept, essentially a Nexus S handset with a home-brewed extension to deliver the NFC antenna to the large belt buckle area, is designed to highlight innovative possibilities for NFC.

“We wanted to explore NFC and think more creatively about what can be done with it besides just purchasing,” Nathan Martin, CEO at developer Deeplocal, told Wired.

The company, a group of artists and engineers which has its roots in Carnegie Mellon University and which describes itself as “an innovation studio”, has posted instructions for making LikeBelts online.

A video shows the LikeBelt in action:

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