Irancell demonstrates NFC payments and ticketing

Technology provider Etick, mobile network operator MTN-Irancell and Bank Pasargad have teamed up to demonstrate NFC payments in Iran.

IRAN: Trying out NFC payments

Irancell, Iran’s second largest mobile network operator, and technology provider Etick Pars Intelligent Technologies Development have teamed up with Bank Pasargad to demonstrate a suite of NFC services tailored to the Iranian market.

The system proposed by Etick and Irancell would allow customers to top up a prepaid account on their NFC mobile wallet by either transferring money from their bank account or making a cash deposit at a contactless point-of-sale terminal,  Etick project manager Bahram Ehsandoust has told NFC World. Funds could also be transferred back from the mobile wallet to their bank account if required.

Payments could then be made for retail purchases, for bus tickets in the cities of Mashhad and Ahwaz, where Etick runs the current smart card-based public transportation ticketing system, and for purchases from vending machines. Customer loyalty applications have also been developed.

The technology is designed to work with both NFC phones using a SIM as a secure element and with Gemalto’s Upteq N-Flex NFC device, which can be used to add NFC functionality to standard mobile phones.

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