ShelfX builds NFC into smart shopping shelves

“We are taking the shopper back to a time when shopping was simple,” says the founder of a start-up which is using NFC and shelf-based weighing scales to enable customers to self serve in large stores.

SHELFX: In-aisle self-checkout solution

A US-based start-up has unveiled a new concept that aims to use the latest technology to make the shopping experience more like the way it used to be.

“ShelfX will revolutionize the way we shop, and it’s about time,” says Ran Margalit, founder and CEO of ShelfX. “But in the same respect, we are taking the shopper back to a time when shopping was simple. The customer walked into a store, was greeted by name, told about the specials, paid without hassle and left.”

ShelfX uses ‘smart shelves’ equipped with sensitive scales and NFC technology. Each shelf stores details of the items available, their weight and price so that, when an item is picked up, it can be detected and automatically added to the customer’s bill.

When a shopper approaches the shelf with a ShelfX card or NFC phone, the customer can be greeted by name, provided with product details and offered discounts and additional suggestions based on their customer profile. When they have completed their shopping, payment can also be processed automatically.

“Imagine shopping without cashiers,” says Margalit. “With radio frequency identification and near-field communication technology, ShelfX ends cumbersome lines at checkout counters at grocery stores, big box stores and stadiums. It also provides retailers with added-value benefits such as improved inventory management, real-time pricing updates throughout a retail chain, enhanced customer loyalty, and increased shopper conversion rates.”

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  1. ShelfX system is best positioned for a new emergeng and fast growing sector known as “self-checkout markets” that are replacing vending machines in corporate breakrooms and school systems. The large to medium supermarket angle or large store is not going to fly…

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