Comprion’s UT3 approved for SWP/HCI tests

Mobile test equipment specialist Comprion’s UT3 platform for single wire protocol (SWP) and host controller interface (HCI) NFC conformance testing has been approved by the Global Certification Forum (GCF).

Comprion UT3
COMPRION'S UT3: A testbench in a box

The product is the first to have enough test cases validated to be an approved test platform. The test cases are used by terminal and handset manufacturers to pass GCF certification for SWP and HCI, including those that require NFC capabilities.

The UT3 platform also works as a contactless test tool and covers test specifications created by the NFC Forum. Additionally, UT3 combines all required contact-based (SWP/HCI) and contactless (NFC) simulation modes in a single device with no host computer, external monitor or further wiring required.

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