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KT launches iPhone NFC payments solution

The Korean mobile network operator is offering iPhone users a case that enables them to make payments at merchants and on public transportation with their mobile phone.

KT iCarte
KT: iPhone owners can use Olleh Touch with the iCarte add-on

Korean mobile network operator KT has begun offering customers an NFC-enabled case that enables iPhone 4 users to take advantage of the carrier’s commercially available Olleh Touch NFC payments and rewards service.

The iCarte 420K case is made by Canadian firm Wireless Dynamics and carries the ‘Made for iPhone’ accreditation. With the iCarte, KT customers with an iPhone can make payments in retail stores and on public transport with their mobile phones, as well as earn loyalty points from participating retailers.

The iCarte attachment is available nationwide from KT outlets and from Apple stores and a range of other retailers for a one-off fee of 69,300 won (US$58.74). As an incentive to take up the service, KT is making the iCarte available with a 10,000 won (US$8.48) credit pre-loaded on the device. A further 20,0000 won (US$16.95) reward is also available to those who also activate the Shinhan credit card app which also comes pre-loaded on the iCarte.

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  1. not good enough to use transportation function for nation-wide (Cashbee? it’s not that popular and useful at all!). only three stores provides its credit card transaction (one cvs, one ice cream shop and one other doughnut shop.. what? where else I could use my credit card function?.. only shinhan card supports this NFC case. Rather to wait until next month SKT NFC USIM launching out.

  2. Apple is making their iPhone announcement on October 4. I strongly believe they do have NFC capability built into their phones since their batteries are more resilient than other phones on the market.

    So this may be antiquated in less than a week.

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