Dutch bank and supermarket test NFC payments

Rabobank and Albert Heijn, the Netherlands’ largest supermarket chain, are running an NFC payments pilot at a store in Amsterdam.

Albert Heijn NFC trial
AH TO GO: Consumers can pay with a contactless sticker attached to the back of their phone

A mobile payments trial has begun at an Amsterdam outlet of Albert Heijn, the Netherlands’ largest supermarket chain.

The pilot is being conducted in conjunction with Rabobank, the Netherlands’ largest bank, and uses technology developed by Rabobank in partnership with Dutch technology provider Chess.

The test is taking place at an ‘AH to go’ convenience store. Shoppers are issued with a Mijn ID (My ID) branded NFC sticker which they can attach to their mobile phone in order to make payments in the store. The stickers are linked to shoppers’ Rabobank Minitix wallet, an existing service that lets consumers make online purchases via their mobile phone.

The service uses NFC payment routing technology developed by Chess and Rabobank and is based on the Chess iX Minitix POSserver. This centralised cloud-based payment server provides authentication and authorisation of transactions as well as managing the routing of transactions between cash registers, NFC readers and the Rabobank Minitix wallet engine.

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