Isis picks C-Sam to supply NFC mobile wallet technology

The C-Sam platform will enable Isis to offer smartphone users a comprehensive mobile wallet for conducting secure NFC transactions related to payments, rewards, coupons, tickets, transit and other services.

C-Sam's mobile wallet
ISIS CEO: Using C-Sam's platform will ensure Isis can rapidly scale

Isis, the NFC joint venture between US mobile network operators AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile USA, has signed a licensing deal with C-Sam for the company’s wallet management platform and software development kit (SDK).

The C-Sam platform is designed to provide NFC smartphone users with a comprehensive mobile wallet for conducting secure transactions related to payments, rewards, coupons, tickets, transit and other services.

“C-Sam’s vision has been to recreate a leather wallet metaphor on mobile phones,” says Sam Pitroda, chairman and founder of C-Sam. “We are excited about the agreement with Isis and confident that our mobile wallet will provide additional convenience, flexibility and security to Isis’ customers.”

C-Sam’s SDK enables service providers to build their own applications for NFC based transactions as well as remote over-the-air services.

“We have incorporated learnings over the years from diverse markets and deployments to build a highly scalable mobile wallet management platform, supported by a comprehensive SDK,” said C-Sam CEO Felix Marx. “C-Sam’s platform and SDK will enable Isis and their partners to rapidly build a secure transaction ecosystem in the US. We believe Isis will usher in a new approach for service providers worldwide to build similar ecosystem-based mobile payment and commerce networks for their respective markets.”

“C-Sam’s platform provides coverage across various carrier networks, operating systems, and NFC handsets, ensuring Isis can rapidly scale,” explained Michael Abbott, CEO of Isis. “Together with C-Sam, Isis will allow consumers to experience a new and secure way to shop, pay and save, all with the tap of their phone.”

C-Sam bundles more than twenty five reference value added services with its SDK, from mobile payments to coupons to ticketing to banking to parking to health, all designed to enable service providers to rapidly build and deploy their own secure transaction widgets.

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