FaceCash adds NFC to barcode payments system

Mobile payments provider Think Computer has added NFC support to its FaceCash Wallet mobile barcode payment system.


FaceCash is based on the idea of combining barcodes and an image of the user. Retailers equipped with suitable scanners read the barcode displayed on the user’s phone and then check that the image of the user stored in the system matches the appearance of the customer.

Now, FaceCash has added support for NFC to its Android app, along with an upgrade to its FaceCash Register web-based POS system for retailers.

“With FaceCash you can now replace your cash register, your card terminal, your calculator, and if you choose to send e-mail receipts, your printer and your thermal paper as well,” says Think Computer CEO Aaron Greenspan. “Processing payments will cost a literal fraction of what it used to… Whether you use barcodes or NFC, you still get a better deal, less fraud, and top-notch security overall without the PCI nightmare.”

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