Confirmed: Google developing NFC solutions for retailers

“We’re working with Google on the development of NFC applications for merchants,” the chief executive of POS terminal maker Ingenico has told French reporters.

GOOGLE: ‘Not moving into payments for now’ says Ingenico CEO Philippe Lazare

France-based POS device manufacturer Ingenico has confirmed that it is working with Google on the development of NFC-based services for retailers.

Google wants to be able to deliver coupons to consumers “in the physical world, that’s to say in stores,” Philippe Lazare, CEO of Ingenico, told French reporters. According to news agency AFP:

“Google wants a system where, when you enter a shop or supermarket, you receive a special offer on your telephone. At the checkout, you can take advantage of this offer” by touching your phone to the Ingenico POS terminal, which will be capable of reading the coupon and will automatically apply the discount to the shopping bill, he explained.

Google isn’t planning to make a move into the payments business for now, however, Lazare added. “But it will do one day or another.”

The news follows reports in March that the internet advertising giant, which added NFC functionality to its Android mobile operating system in December, is working with Citigroup and MasterCard to make mobile payments easier in a bid to boost its advertising business. Reports suggest that Google is also working with POS device maker Verifone on the project.

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