Samsung ready to unveil two new NFC-enabled Bada smartphones

Samsung is planning to release two more NFC-enabled Bada-based smartphones later this year, Badaworld reports.


The mobile phone manufacturer revealed last week that Samsung France had sold 2.1m smartphones in France during 2010 and expected six million during this year — with 25% of them using the Bada operating system.

Samsung’s Wave 578 NFC handset was announced in February and is based on Bada 1.1. But, as Badaworld explains, a new high-end handset is expected in September and a low-end model will follow in November, both packing NFC and running Bada 2.0:

Two other models, while having no name, will be based on bada 2.0. First, is the new flagship, will be released in September, and will be equipped with a 3.65-inch screen, support for third-generation networks Standard HSDPA 7.2, two cameras (basic — 5 megapixels), wireless modules, NFC, Bluetooth 3.0 and Wi-Fi.

The third phone, the appearance of which is expected in November, is a representative of low-cost line. Its differences from the current members will be 3.14-inch screen, similar to the flagship support for HSDPA 7.2 and NFC-chip.

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  1. Great news that NFC will be hitting the lower end of the market from Samsung in November. It’s this lower end of the market that will really push NFC via stealth into the main stream consumer market space. If iPhone 5 brings NFC in June/July we’ll really have an exciting Q3/Q4 on our NFC hands!

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