NXP denies takeover talks — but reveals price it could accept

Chip maker NXP is not in takeover talks, its chief executive has said, although he would consider an offer like the one Texas Instruments made for National SemiconductorReuters reports.


NXP, which along with Sony has been at the forefront of developing NFC technology, was reported to have been holding talks with IntelQualcomm and Broadcom about a possible tie-up, following Texas Instruments’ offer of a near-80% premium for National Semiconductor earlier last week.

“NXP isn’t for sale. And I haven’t held talks with the CEOs of Intel, Qualcomm or Broadcom for five or six weeks,” says the Dutch firm’s chief executive Richard Clemmer.

He said that when he had talked to Qualcomm and Broadcom previously it was about routine customer issues.

However, after Texas Instruments offered a near-80% premium for National Semiconductor earlier this week, Clemmer said he would have to consider selling NXP if offered similar terms, which would equate to about $60 a share.

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