Datacard acquires in-branch NFC payments personalization provider

Datacard has acquired Dynamic Card Solutions (DCS), providers of the CardWizard Perso-to-Go instant in-branch card personalization and issuing solution used by 500 banks, predominantly in the US.

Perso-to-Go includes the ability to provision a payments card application on an NFC mobile phone as well as on a plastic card. Earlier this month, the company also added the ability to provision a payments application onto a near field communication-enabled microSD device and now provides full support for Tyfone’s SideTap micro-SD based NFC technology.

“DCS’ Perso-to-Go platform is a fully integrated solution that conveniently personalizes cardholder information onto various NFC payment form factors at the branch level,” the company explains. “This includes embedded NFC chips in mobile phones, various contactless stickers, key fobs — and now microSD cards. No over-the-air personalization is required, and because Perso-to-Go provides instant activation capabilities, the personalized device can be immediately used for contactless point-of-sale purchases.”

The technology also meets worldwide security requirements for both EMV and MSD contactless specifications and complies fully with all Visa and MasterCard security recommendations.

“Delivering payment convenience for customers will ultimately lead to increased spending, and the mobile phone represents significant potential revenue to card issuers who want to leverage them as payment devices,” says Ron Zanotti, senior vice president of financial instant issuance for Datacard.

“With CardWizard Perso-to-Go, issuers can easily complement their card issuance and mobile banking programs in a safe and secure way. Financial institutions who can personalize microSD cards at the branch will have direct control over the personalization process, provide better security of the cardholder’s information, and enhance consumer convenience,” Zanotti concludes.

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