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ACS adds biometrics to NFC reader

ACS AET-62 nfc fingerprint reader

Hong Kong-based Advanced Card Systems (ACS) has launched a new NFC reader which incorporates a fingerprint sensor, enabling biometric identification and verification to be added to PC-based contactless and near field communication applications.

The AET62 reader is based on ACS’ existing¬†ACR122U NFC reader core and supports ISO 14443 Type A and B, MiFare and FeliCa cards, all four types of NFC tag and all three modes (reader, card emulation, and peer-to-peer) of NFC.

“With AET62, fingerprint authentication can easily be integrated to increase the security of contactless applications,” says Gilbert Leung, ACS’ sales director. “It allows developers and system integrators to use biometrics even without an in-depth knowledge of the technology and without the need for a costly and complex setup of a full scale biometric authentication scheme.”

The device provides support for third party fingerprint algorithms and comes with a set of Application Programming Interface manuals and reference documents. Readers can download full product details in PDF format from ACS’ website.

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