Taggo lets brands reward Facebook fans at the point-of-sale

Singapore-based loyalty specialist Taggo has launched a new service that uses a wide range of existing contactless devices to identify consumers who are fans of a particular retailer or brand when they make a purchase — and provide them with rewards.

Using Taggo’s platform, brands can launch promotions on their Facebook pages which can then be executed immediately at a physical venue. At the same time, brands can also launch in-store promotions that help turn customers into Facebook fans.

“Facebook pages are now an essential part of the brands’ social media campaign to reach out to their customers,” says Aneace Haddad, the high profile customer loyalty pioneer who has founded Taggo. “With Facebook pages sprouting out by the hundreds per day, it is essential for brands to differentiate their pages from competitors. The ability to identify and reward their online fans offline in their stores will provide these brands that edge over their competitors.”

“Thanking fans at the point of sale also encourages more customers to be fans,” he adds. “With Taggo, brands can now launch in-store promotions to provide customers with pull and push incentives to like their Facebook pages immediately.”

To participate in the service, brands add the Taggo app to their Facebook page. This then allows fans to enter the details of the contactless device they will use to identify themselves at the point-of sale. In Singapore, for instance, consumers can opt to use their existing transit card or can collect a Taggo contactless sticker from a participating retailer.

At the store or venue, Taggo’s fan recognition service is built into the point-of-sale system or a counter-top PC. An RFID card reader is then used to immediately identify if the customer at the store is already a fan of the brand’s Facebook page.

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  1. Although I have personal reservations about the amount of personal data that will be shared through such programmes; I have no doubt that Taggo, and similar, are a much needed part of the blending of actual and online worlds and are very interesting to watch…

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