USB group adds support for NFC in latest wireless specification

The USB Implementer Forum has released version 1.1 of its Wireless USB specification, which supports device association using near field communication technology.

“Wireless USB 1.1 delivers key performance enhancements to Wireless USB technology, as well as added UWB upper band support for frequencies of 6GHz and above, and offers backward compatibility with Wireless USB products currently in use by consumers,” says the group.

“Wireless USB is evolving with optimized power efficiency and ease of use. Lower idle power requirements and improved battery life enhance Wireless USB power efficiency, and the new association model offers support for near field communication (NFC) and proximity-based association, making Wireless USB even easier to install and use.”

“Consumers want a fast, easy-to-use solution to wirelessly transfer content from PCs to devices,” says Jeff Ravencraft, USB-IF president and chairman. “Wireless USB 1.1 is the solution supporting robust, high-speed wireless connectivity among devices.”

Readers can download the specification and adopter agreement from the USB Implementers Forum website.

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