Delphi NFC key fobs enable drivers to access vehicle data from their smart phones

Automotive electronics specialist Delphi reports that its new NFC key fob technology provides a low cost way to enable vehicle manufacturers to customise the driver experience according to regional requirements and to provide drivers with a way to access data about their vehicle from their smart phone.

By combining Bluetooth, mobile phone and near field communication technology, the key fobs and the company’s custom apps can be used to let drivers know when to refuel or get an oil change and indicate the location of a vehicle, even when the driver is away from their car.

“Our new generation of fobs offers features that are not currently available in the market”, says Delphi’s Beth Schwarting. “These features help vehicle manufacturers competitively differentiate their models, as well as provide drivers and fleet owners constant access to important vehicle information.”

“From receiving security and diagnostic alerts to checking a vehicle’s eco-score, our technology allows drivers to monitor vehicle statistics from their smart phone via Delphi’s key fob,” Schwarting adds. “Drivers no longer need to be inside their vehicles or have an internet connection to get updates on vehicle status.”

Data exchange is made possible using an NFC module integrated in the vehicle. The system antenna enables data transfer from the vehicle to the key fob, and the transferred information can be accessed by the driver via any NFC-compatible portable device that has an active display, such as a smart phone.

Data that can be accessed and managed includes mileage and fuel level, safety and security information (such as tyre pressure), maintenance warnings and alerts, personalisation features (seat adjustment and steering wheel position, air conditioning and climate control configuration), vehicle location (GPS), driver identity, ‘in case of emergency’ (ICE) contacts and vehicle type.

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