Ericsson Labs adds QR code support to NFC and RFID tag developer tool

Ericsson Labs has upgraded Tag Tool, the set of developer tools for working with NFC and RFID tags first launched in November 2009.

“The idea behind Tag Tool is very simple,” Ericsson Labs explains. “You create ‘virtual tags’, meaning the information that is going to be stored on the tags, online using your computer. It is much simpler to input information into our system this way than using for instance a mobile phone. Your tags are stored in our database and you can access them from your NFC device, using our Tag Tool MIDlet application, or from your computer. The MIDlet downloads all the ‘virtual tags’ that you have created on the portal and is capable of writing them to your physical tags.”

The new features added to the service include:

  • New tag types: Generic Control records and External records can now be created
  • QR barcode generator
  • Better positioning of tags and map view
  • Updates to the management interface with sorting and filtering functionality

“We will continue to improve Tag Tool and appreciate any feedback on the forum on features you are interested in,” says Ericsson Labs.

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