Ericsson Labs launches NFC and RFID tag developer tools

Ericsson Labs has launched Tag Tools, a set of developer tools for working with NFC and RFID tags.

Tag Tools consists of a simple web interface for creating tags and a mobile client for writing data to tags. “Our free service provides management functionality and hosts the content you create,” says Ericsson Labs. “Tag objects around you and start virtualising the world!”

“We have realised the need for a simple way to program tags and keep track of them,” Ericsson Labs’ Tor Björn Minde told NFCW. “Currently we support generating tags online and writing them using a Java Midlet, but we expect to add more functionality in a phased approach.”

Future enhancements currently under consideration include:

  • A more refined tag generation and management system
  • A solution for finding applications associated to tags
  • A security framework for working with tags
  • A solution involving open APIs for publishing information about tags to third parties
  • Support for 2D barcodes

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