Banks get serious about NFC

OPINION: Interest in near field communication is gathering pace in the financial services sector, fuelled by the arrival of NFC-enabled microSD cards and a recognition that there is a business model to be found — so long as you look for it hard enough.

In the UK, Barclaycard’s partnership with Orange now looks set to lead to a commercial launch of NFC services before the end of 2010. And, with the results of Citi’s trial in Bangalore now in, it’s clear the company has now set its sights on a commercial launch and is determined to find a way to bring NFC to market.

The Mobey Forum, meanwhile, has published a detailed white paper explaining the options open to banks and GlobalPlatform has addressed how to ensure a card issuer’s brand identity can be maintained within a consumer’s mobile wallet.

Since we began publishing NFC World in October 2008, we have reported on nearly 100 NFC pilots around the world. It now looks as though, finally, key market players are getting ready to put that experience into practice…

Sarah Clark, Editor

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