Emirates NBD records 34m contactless transactions during eight-week rewards programme

Customers of Emirates NBD bank in the United Arab Emirates completed 34m contactless transactions during eight weeks of the bank’s ‘Get Together. Go Contactless’ promotion.

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“The ‘Get Together. Go Contactless’ campaign has accelerated the adoption of contactless payments substantially,” the bank says.

“During the campaign, spend per active card has grown by 67% year over year. Transactions per active card have increased by 47%.

“Among top market segments, grocery and supermarkets saw the highest spend for contactless payments, while hotels and resorts had the highest growth uplift in value of spend as well as number of transactions.”

The bank also reports that: “contactless payments now make up 88% of all face-to-face card payment transactions. The bank saw contactless payment transactions — which include contactless card and mobile wallet-based payments — rise by 59% year-on-year in 2020.

“Mobile wallet-based payments more than doubled during the period, while card tap-and-go-based payments increased by about half. The bank also saw ecommerce transactions increasing by 25% in 2020 over the previous year.”

Emirates NBD launched the promotion in April, enabling customers to earn entries to a prize draw for the opportunity to purchase luxury items such as BMW cars, smart TVs and iPhones at reduced prices every time they made a contactless payment using their Emirates NBD Visa debit or credit card.

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