Emirates NBD rewards customers for adopting contactless payments

Emirates NBD prize draw rewards for customers using contactless payments
REWARDS: Emirates NBD customers earn prize draw entries for every contactless payment they make

Customers of Emirates NBD bank in the United Arab Emirates can now earn entries to a prize draw for luxury items whenever they make a contactless payment with their credit or debit card, mobile wallet or payments-enabled wearable device.

Winners in the bank’s ‘Get Together. Go Contactless’ promotion will get the chance to buy items such as BMW cars, smart TVs and iPhones “at incredibly low prices”, with Emirates NBD making additional prizes available as the number of customers making contactless payments with their Visa card increases.

“Customers can earn an entry every time they choose to pay while shopping at a store by tapping their cards and making a contactless payment. Online payments for ecommerce transactions will earn two entries while usage of mobile wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay as well as wearables such as Fitbit Pay and Garmin Pay will earn three entries for every transaction,” the bank explains.

“As more customers make contactless payments using their Visa cards, additional prizes are unlocked giving participants increased opportunities to win, thus putting community engagement and participation at the heart of the campaign.

“Winning customers will then be provided the opportunity to redeem their prizes by making a final contactless payment and claim premium rewards such as one of four BMW 520is for only AED520 (US$141), one of 200 iPhone 12s for AED12 (US$3) and one of 50 smart televisions for AED75 (US$20).”

The promotion runs until 31 May.

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