Moscow Metro lets passengers top up their Troika transit card from their mobile banking app

Moscow Metro train at station
MOBILE PAY: Mosco Metro passengers can now use the Sberbank bank app to buy and top up Troika cards

Passengers travelling on Moscow Metro can now buy and top up a Troika transit card directly from within their mobile banking app.

The service is available to customers of Russia’s Sberbank and enables them to use its mobile app’s ‘payments’ section to purchase a new Troika card or replenish an existing one by entering their Troika card number.

Once they have purchased a card, users “have to activate it: NFC-friendly Android owners can do it right in the app, other users must activate their card by touching it against a special yellow terminal in metro stations,” Moscow Metro explains.

Moscow Metro announced in January this year that it is to roll out Troika contactless ticketing across the Russian capital’s entire public transportation network by the end of 2021.

It has also launched a project to expand “the city’s ticketing system to other regions of Russia. In total, more than 47 regions are interested in integrating the system,” the transport provider says.

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