Huawei launches NFC and Bluetooth digital keys for electric smart car

Huawei Aito M5 electric smart car with NFC and Bluetooth digital key
SMART CAR: Drivers can access and start the AITO M5 using an NFC and Bluetooth-enabled digital key

Drivers taking possession of Huawei’s new AITO M5 electric smart car will be able to lock, unlock and start their vehicle using NFC and Bluetooth-enabled digital car keys.

Owners will be able to store the keys in their Huawei Wallet app and use Bluetooth to lock and unlock their car “from a distance away” or use the NFC functionality when they are closer to their vehicle or their smartphone battery has run out.

“The NFC and Bluetooth encryption of the digital keys are also present in the smart car, and it is compliant with the China ICCE standard, as well as the road safety and privacy of the car driver and passengers,” Gizmochina reports.

“As of today, the digital car keys are only available on HarmonyOS 2.0 Huawei smartphones.

“However, Huawei is planning to add this functionality to its Huawei Watch 3 series too as it would be more convenient for drivers to unlock their cars with a twist of a wrist compared to taking your smartphone out and clicking a button.”

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