App lets drivers in Hawaii find parking spaces and pay with NFC

An on-site 'smart station' allows motorists to tap in to pay for their parking
PARKLINQ: An on-site ‘smart station’ allows motorists to tap in to pay for their parking

Hawaiian motorists can now use a mobile app to find vacant parking spaces and then pay for their spot by tapping a contactless ‘smart station’ with their NFC smartphone.

The Parklinq app works by enabling businesses and individuals to register their private parking spaces and driveways and to rent them out during periods when they would otherwise be unused. 

To use the service, motorists search for the Parklinq-registered parking slot nearest to their destination that is available for the time they want to park and reserve it via the app.

As an alternative to using NFC, users can opt to pay by scanning a QR code on the location’s Parklinq signage or via the service’s website.

Parklinq is currently available on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, and the company has told local media that it plans to expand to Maui in the near future.

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