Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

The iPhone 6 has NFC! Hooray, hooray!

However, it seems NFC functionality can be used by Apple Pay only, and the devices cannot read or write NFC tags. Further, it is even possible that the phones lack the necessary hardware to interface with passive tags.

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  1. Yeah…. It probably wont, Apple have kind of used up all of their original Ideas (and un-original ideas too)

  2. apple’s nfc is literally causing headaches and it’s impossible to disable. Did Apple use different NFC tech than the Android phones?

  3. I have iPhone 7plus how do I turn nfc on as I have a washer that’s uses it but can’t find how to turn it on thank

  4. Op apple iPhone 6 werkt de zowel nfc als Bluetooth niet voor de glucotech meter.
    Dus ik moet alles met de hand invoeren,

    1. “On Apple iPhone 6, both NFC and Bluetooth do not work for the Glucotech meter. So I have to enter everything manually.”

      I’m not sure about Bluetooth connectivity in this case, but the NFC definitely won’t work for this on an iPhone 6 — it’s limited to Apple Pay only on this model.

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