Aldi adds convenience with app-free entry to contactless store

SHOP&GO: Entering the Aldi’s concept store has been streamlined with the addition of contactless card entry

Discount supermarket chain Aldi has introduced contactless payment at its checkout-free concept store in London.

The change means customers will no longer have to use the supermarket’s Shop&Go app on their phones and can instead simply tap their contactless payment card or mobile phone at a barrier to enter the store.

Previously first-time customers had to get out their phone, download the app, register, and add their payment details before they could enter.

Customers can then walk around the shop picking up goods before leaving without having to scan their shopping or go through a checkout.

Aldi’s experimental Shop&Go store opened in Greenwich in January 2022 and uses specially-positioned cameras to detect which products have been picked up. Once customers have finished shopping, they are charged automatically via their contactless payment card or Aldi Shop&Go account and can receive their receipt via the app or website.

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