Digital fashion house adds NFC chips to textile patches

Digital fashion house MNTGE limited edition physical patches which use NFC to link to NFTs
SMART PATCH: Purchasers authenticate the NFT version of the patch by tapping the embedded NFC chip

Digital fashion house MNTGE has released a range of artist-designed textile patches embedded with an NFC chip that enables wearers to link to the physical patch’s digital twin in the form of a non-fungible token (NFT) stored in a digital wallet with a tap of their smartphone.

MNTGE’s limited edition Patchwork collection includes 11 designs and enables purchasers to authenticate the NFT version of the patch by tapping the NFC chip as well as “token-gated access” to events and a “soon-to-be-launched digital asset interlinking program which creates traceability for customized items and establishes distinct digital identities”, the fashion house says.

“We can’t wait to see what people do with these patches, both digitally and by wearing them physically,” MNTGE founder Nick Adler adds.

“Being able to chip each patch is such exciting new technology. And with so many permutations of how you can wear them, the clothes themselves will be like works of art and a real-world digital wallet at once.

“It’s a collection that we really hope creates connectivity through clothes and what people are wearing in the culture.”

MNTGE released a limited edition pair of upcycled Levi’s jeans linked to an NFT with an NFC chip in the physical garment in May.

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