Delhi Metro reports on passenger uptake of QR paper tickets

Delhi Metro QR paper ticket plus a person using the AFC gate
CASHLESS: Delhi Metro aims to have all its AFC gates QR code-compliant by the end of June
Image: The Indian Express

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has sold more than 7.4m QR paper tickets since introducing the new ticketing option on 8 May, the transportation operator has revealed.

The paper tickets have the advantage of being both less expensive to produce than traditional tokens and enabling all passengers to make use of the operator’s new QR-enabled fare gates even if they do not have a smartphone, Delhi Metro says.

“It is also targeted to make all the AFC gates across the network QR code-compliant by the end of June this year along with upgradation of Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) for issuing of QR based paper tickets,” it adds.

“The concept of issuing tokens will be gradually phased out with the introduction of these more transparent and human intervention-free and cashless mechanisms, thereby facilitating more convenient, seamless, time-saving and error-free travel for its passengers.”  

Support for QR tickets on mobile phones is also due to be added this month.

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