NatWest to let UK merchants accept contactless payments on Android smartphones

NatWest bank is launching a software-only point-of-sale (softPOS) solution that will enable merchants in the UK to accept in-person contactless payments on Android NFC smartphones.

Tyl by Natwest logo

The bank is rolling out the Tap to Pay on Android feature through its Tyl by NatWest payments platform, allowing users to accept payments made with physical credit or debit cards or from digital wallets on their own devices without needing any additional hardware.

“While there’s still a place for physical card terminals, Tap to Pay on Android provides an alternative, proving to be particularly pertinent to businesses who don’t require a fixed solution, or who are infrequent sellers and may want a product that fits a seasonal schedule,” NatWest explains.

“It also benefits larger businesses who want a cost-effective way to enable a larger workforce to take payments without needing a large pool of payment terminals.

“With fast integrations and no additional hardware required, NatWest Tap to Pay on Android makes it even easier for businesses to enable in-person contactless payments with minimal cost and effort, giving businesses another way to capture revenue.”

NatWest initially plans to roll out the Tap to Pay on Android solution to “a small cohort” of Tyl by NatWest users with a full launch to follow “later this year”.

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