Bengaluru to introduce QR code-based auto-rickshaw complaints service

Passengers wishing to file a complaint against an auto-rickshaw driver in the Indian city of Bengaluru will soon be able to do so by simply scanning a QR code behind the driver’s seat with their smartphone.

Bengaluru traffic police logo

Bengaluru Traffic Police are to introduce  the codes to enable passengers to feed complaints directly into the city’s Traffic Management System rather than needing to copy a driver’s registration number and licence details from a physical card displayed in the vehicle before they can contact the authorities.

The physical cards were made mandatory in 2005 to allow passengers to “note down details in the event of untoward incidents” but have become “unworkable because drivers either refused to put the details or the driver was different from the one whose detail was displayed,” according to a Deccan Herald report.

Bengaluru Traffic Police began piloting the QR code in January and plan to roll them out to the city’s 300,000 auto-rickshaw drivers “in an effort to optimise traffic management, safety and improve transparency”, the report adds.

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