Singapore to launch one-stop mobile and contactless transport ticketing platform

Graphic showing Singapore's TransitLink and EZ-Link, which are merging to offer a one-stop mobile and contactless ticketing platform
INTEGRATION: The LTA is merging TransitLink and EZ-Link to provide a common platform for innovation

Singapore’s Land Transport Authority (LTA) is to integrate its TransitLink and EZ-Link ticketing and travel card services in order to “simplify and streamline the ticketing experience” and enable transit users to access “a range of ticketing and card-related services through a single interface”.

In addition to the implementation of a single ticketing and travel card services app, the integration will also support the further development of Singapore’s SimplyGo open loop contactless fare payment system that now accounts for one in two adult journeys on public transport.

“TransitLink and EZ-Link are also planning to merge into a single entity. The new entity will provide a common platform for unlocking new innovation and business opportunities, such as expanding the use of SimplyGo concession cards,” the LTA says.

“While the consolidation of transit services is taking place, commuters can continue to approach TransitLink and EZ-Link for their respective services,” it adds.

“Commuters may also continue using their existing mobile applications and there will be no change to how commuters pay their fares.”

The merger is expected to be completed in “the second half of 2024”.

The LTA launched the SimplyGo open loop contactless fare payments system in Singapore in April 2019.

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