SoftPOS case study: Slides and webinar recording now available

Dejamobile and Trust Payments SoftPOS case study slides and head shots
LESSONS LEARNED: Access a slide deck and video recording from NFCW’s softPOS case study in the NFCW Knowledge Centre free of charge

A slide deck and video recording from NFCW’s softPOS case study featuring Trust Payments and Dejamobile is now available to access free of charge in the NFCW Knowledge Centre.

During the session, Russel Luis E Fernandes, head of product for card present payments at Trust Payments, shared the lessons the European omnichannel payments leader has learned from developing a software-only POS solution for large and small merchants across Europe.

Fernandes was joined for the session by Pavel Vasilyev, business development and project manager at Dejamobile.

Highlights of the session include:

  • An introduction to softPOS and how standard Android NFC mobile phones and tablets can be used to accept contactless payments with no additional hardware required.
  • The current state of the market and how the latest MPoC standard will drive global adoption.
  • The business case for softPOS for payment service providers and for both small and large merchants.
  • The various ways in which softPOS solutions can be delivered, including simple, standalone solutions for small and micro merchants and more complex solutions for larger retailers that integrate with a merchant’s electronic cash register.
  • How to select a softPOS provider, the common pitfalls to watch out for and the lessons learned by Trust Payments in its deployment journey.
  • How Apple’s introduction of Tap to Pay on iPhones will impact the market.
  • The types of merchant that are most likely to adopt softPOS early, including taxi drivers and market traders, and use cases for larger merchants, including queue busting. 

Fernandes and Vasilyev then answered questions from the audience on a variety of technical implementation topics and use cases.

A video recording of the event, along with a copy of the slide deck from the session, is now available to watch in the NFCW Knowledge Centre here.