Central Bank of Jordan doubles daily contactless limit

Central Bank of Jordan Frontage
PIN-FREE: Jordanians now have a daily contactless transaction limit of 300 dinars

The Central Bank of Jordan (CBJ) has increased the limit for individual contactless transactions made without a PIN from 55 Jordanian dinars (US$77) to 100 Jordanian dinars (US$141) and doubled the country’s daily contactless limit from 150 Jordanian dinars (US$212) to 300 Jordanian dinars (US$423).

The CBJ has also instructed all banks and payment service providers in the country to enable customers to set their own limits for both single payments and daily transaction totals up to those amounts, according to local media reports.

“The decision was made in response to the needs of the Jordanian market and consumer demands, as well as giving more flexibility in executing payments using electronic tools that support contactless features, especially in light of clients’ heavy reliance on such methods, especially for payments outside the Kingdom,” The Jordan Times says.

The CBJ made it obligatory for banks and payment service providers to only issue cards and point-of-sale payment acceptance devices that support contactless payments in 2022.

Total contactless transaction values reached 1.4bn Jordanian dinars and the total number of contactless payment cards in circulation topped 5.7m by the end of that year, according to The Jordan Times.

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