Türkiye to extend contactless fare payments to public transport networks in 40 provinces

Person making a contactless fare payment for public transport in Türkiye
PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Customers will be able to pay fares using contactless credit, debit or prepaid cards

Residents and tourists using public transport services in 40 provinces across Türkiye will soon be able to make contactless fare payments with their credit, debit or prepaid card without needing to purchase a ticket or local transport pass.

To date, transport operators in 11 Turkish provinces — Balikesir, Elaziğ, Eskişehr, Hatay, Kütahya, Malatya, Mersin, Sakarya, Samsum, Van and Yalova —  have already implemented the fare payment system and it will now be rolled out gradually to cover “nearly half of the cities in Turkey”.

“Thanks to the system that enables the use of contactless foreign payment cards in transportation, the touristic value of the provinces covered in the project will also increase,” technology provider Asis Elektronik explains.

“Domestic or foreign tourists visiting these cities will be able to easily pass through the turnstiles with their contactless cards, without worrying about where to buy a ticket or transportation card to fill up.”

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