Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank rolls out contactless payment wearables

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank smart ring for contactless payment
SMART PAYMENT: Customers can add a tokenized version of their ADIB Visa card to a ring or a clasp with an embedded contactless payments chip

Customers of Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) can now make tokenized contactless payments using a range of wearables, including a contactless payments ring and a clasp with an embedded contactless payments chip that they can attach to a watch, bracelet or other wearable accessory.

To use the service, customers create a tokenized version of an existing ADIB Visa card using the bank’s ADIB Pay app and add it to the ring or clasp using a provisioning unit provided with the device that connects to the app via Bluetooth.

“Once provisioning is complete, the customer is ready to make quick and easy payments with the tap of their wrist watch and will be able to instantly view their ADIB Pay transaction history in the application,” the bank explains.

The clasp “can be attached to a multitude of wrist wearables, instantly turning that wearable, ring, or watch into a smart payment device,” the bank adds.

“ADIB Pay will be initially offered to select customers.”

ADIB is launching the service using wearable contactless payments technology developed by Tappy Technologies that was featured on the BBC’s technology series Click in January 2021.

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