Seven in ten pay-as-you-go bus fare payments in London are now contactless

Passenger getting on TfL bus at London Bridge station
ADOPTION SUCCESS: About 70% of all pay-as-you-go bus fare payments in London are now contactless

Some 1.7m fare payments for journeys on London buses are now made using a contactless payment card or mobile device every day, about 70% of all payments for pay-as-you-go bus fares in the UK capital, up from 33,000 a day in 2013 and 900,000 a day in 2017, Transport for London (TfL) reports.

TfL also says that a total of more than 2.5bn bus journeys have been paid for with a contactless bank card, mobile phone or smart watch since it first introduced open loop contactless bus fare payments 10 years ago, in December 2012.

“The system, which evolved from TfL’s successful Oyster card system and was developed in partnership with the wider banking industry, allows customers to benefit from the ease and convenience of using their contactless bank card or mobile device, rather than having to pre-purchase anything,” TfL says.

“The system also allows for daily and weekly (Monday to Sunday) capping, meaning customers never pay more than the equivalent 7 Day ticket.”

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