Société Générale launches biometric card for business customers in Morocco

Société Générale biometric card for business customers in Morocco
SECURE: Users register their thumbprint on the sensor using a reader before making a contactless payment

Société Générale customers with a business account in Morocco can now apply for a biometric bank card that enables them to authorise contactless payments of any amount with their fingerprint rather than using a PIN or any other form of authorisation.

Once they have received their Société Générale Morocco Business Platinum Card, users register their biometric data on its fingerprint sensor using a reader supplied with the card and activate it by verifying their first transaction with a one-off code.

They can then authorise all future contactless payments by placing their thumb on the fingerprint sensor when presenting the card to a payment device.

“With transformations in technology, the use of codes and static passwords is losing ground to more secure technologies such as the use of biometrics,” Société Générale says.

“Conscious of this growing interest in securing financial transactions, Société Générale is making its biometric Business Card available to its business customers.

“In effect the use of a digital fingerprint replaces a confidential code for all payments for purchases.”

A short video in French shows how holders activate and use the card.

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