Mississippi to let citizens use mobile IDs to prove their eligibility to vote

Mississippi digital ID and digital driving licence on smartphone
ELECTIONS: Voters will be able to prove eligibility by using the digital driving licence on their smartphone

Voters in the US state of Mississippi will be able to verify their identity when proving their eligibility to vote in November’s mid-term elections using a digital version of their driving licence stored in the state’s Mobile ID digital identity wallet on their smartphone.

Mississippi Department of Public Safety (MDPS) launched its Mobile ID scheme in November 2021 and says that about 100,000 residents have since downloaded the app and that more than 51,000 users now have a digital driving licence.

Prior to a “first real statewide test” during the general election, the launch of Mobile ID “has been very soft” and “just a peek into the future of what this app is going to bring to Mississippians,” MDPS’s Keith Davis told local TV channel WLBT.

“We are one of 10 states that is actually fully engaged with mobile ID.”

Mississippi is also working with a number of other US states and the Transportation Security Administration to enable Mississippi residents to use their digital driving licence to check in for airline services, Davis said.

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