Danske Bank lets Danish consumers add domestic payment cards to Apple Pay

Mobile phone payment using Apple Pay/Dankort
BENEFITS: Linking the Dankort part of a Visa/Dankort card to Apple Pay means customers can now view transactions in their mobile banking app the same day

Customers of Danske Bank in Denmark can now add their Dankort debit card to Apple Pay and use it to make mobile payments using the country’s Dankort domestic payment system.

Dankort is “Denmark’s most-used debit card” and adding support for it in Apple Pay “means that it will also be possible to pay with Apple Pay in retail outlets and web shops that otherwise only accept Dankort payments”, Danske Bank explains.

To date, bank customers have been able to add a joint Visa/Dankort card to Apple Pay but only use it to make in-store or online payments via Visa and at merchants accepting Visa payments.

“We are seeing that our customers increasingly want to use mobile payment solutions such as Apple Pay, and meeting the needs of our customers is a key area of focus for us,” the bank says.

“With this agreement, we ensure that those retail outlets and web shops that do not accept Visa and Mastercard are now able to accept Apple Pay from the many Danske Bank customers who have a Dankort or Visa/Dankort card.”

“The new option of linking the Dankort part of a Visa/Dankort card to Apple Pay has several benefits for the consumer,” the bank adds. “For example, there is no 30-day spending limit of DKK 25,000 (US$3,310), and it will usually be possible to see payments in Danske Mobile Banking and Danske eBanking the same day as they are made.”

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