EasyCard lets consumers top up their stored value card via NFC

Woman holding smartphone with easycard supercard logo in the background
NFC TOP-UP: Users add funds to the SuperCard by scanning it with their Android NFC smartphone

Consumers in Taiwan can now purchase an upgraded version of the EasyCard stored value smart payments and transit card that they can top up directly from their NFC smartphone without needing to use a reload or top-up machine at a metro station or convenience store.

Users add funds to the special edition SuperCard by scanning it with their NFC mobile device and transferring a minimum of NT$100 (US$3.17) from their EasyWallet app. They can then use those funds to make in-store purchases and fare payments up to a transaction limit of  NT$10,000 (US$317) compared with the original EasyCard limit of just NT$1,500 (US$48).

The rollout follows EasyCard’s recent announcement that Taiwan’s Taichung metro service has added support for mobile fare payments made directly from the EasyWallet app, enabling passengers to pay their fares by tapping their Android NFC smartphone at station ticketing gates as well as with their physical smart card.

News that Taiwanese visitors to Okinawa prefecture in Japan will soon be able to make contactless payments directly settled in New Taiwan Dollars using EasyCard emerged in July.

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