Taiwanese visitors to Japan to make contactless payments with domestic stored value cards

Three EasyCards which can be used by Taiwanese visitors to make cross-border contactless payments in Okinawa, Japan
CROSS-BORDER: Taiwan’s EasyCard stored-value card can now be used for small purchases in Japan

Taiwanese visitors to Okinawa prefecture in Japan will soon be able to make contactless payments directly settled in New Taiwan Dollars for small-value purchases using their EasyCard stored-value smart payments and transit card.

The Japanese prefecture’s Financial Supervision and Administration Commission has approved the use of EasyCard in Okinawa with support from the regional Bank of the Ryukyus, making it the first such card in Taiwan that can be used for cross-border transactions.

“The unprecedented convenience, coupled with the use of EasyCard to directly deduct money in NT dollars, saves the inconvenience of handling fees and foreign exchange, and is a money-saving tool for travelling abroad,” EasyCard says.

Visitors to Okinawa will be able to begin using their EasyCard at participating merchants “in the second half of this year”.

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