Varla upgrades e-scooter security with NFC anti-theft system

 Varla e-scooter with upgraded NFC anti-theft security system
ANTI-THEFT: Riders lock and unlock their -e-scooter using a contactless key card stored on their NFC phone

E-scooter manufacturer Varla has upgraded the NFC-enabled anti-theft system on its Eagle One Pro vehicle to enable owners to lock and unlock it using a digital version of their contactless key card stored on their NFC smartphone.

“This new feature adds an extra layer of security for users, ensuring that only authorised individuals can access and operate the scooter,” Varla says.

“In addition, the NFC tech allows users to track their scooter’s location in real-time, so they can always know where their scooter is.

“The NFC capability of the e-scooter aids in theft prevention. Varla scooters are equipped with an anti-theft alarm system that is triggered when someone tries to tamper with the electric scooter or move it without scanning the correct NFC card.

“The alarm system will sound off, and the scooter will automatically lock itself, making it impossible to ride.”

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