More than 160,000 stores worldwide will support contactless mobile self-scan shopping by 2027

Retail Banking Research graph over 160,000 stores worldwide will support mobile self-scan contactless shopping by 2027
CONTACTLESS: Stores offering mobile self-scan shopping are forecast to more than treble by 2027

The number of stores worldwide that enable customers to self-scan their purchases on their own smartphone or a device provided by the merchant rose by 10,000 during 2021 to reach a total of 46,000, but that total is set to more than triple and exceed 161,000 globally by 2027, according to Retail Banking Research (RBR).

“Mobile self-scanning solutions have been offered by large, established retailers in European countries such as the UK, France and the Netherlands for many years. However, major chains in other parts of the world, such as in the USA, as well as smaller merchants elsewhere, are increasingly offering the service via smartphone applications,” the researchers say.

“In 2021, convenience chain 7-Eleven rolled out smartphone self-scanning to almost 3,000 US stores, while in Spain fuel retailer Repsol did likewise at 600 outlets.

“While grocery chains in mature markets will continue to expand mobile self-scanning to more stores, the technology will be increasingly deployed in other sectors, including convenience with fuel, DIY, homeware and apparel.

“Greater adoption of smartphone self-scanning applications, particularly in the Americas and Asia, will boost the market in years to come.”

RBR forecast in June that more than 12,000 checkout-free contactless stores would be in operation worldwide by 2027.

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