Wireless charging mat lets users charge computer mice using NFC

NFC wireless charging mat on glass table in front of laptop
CABLE-FREE: The NFC charging listener in the mouse harvests 1W of power from the mat

Computer users will soon be able to charge a cable-free mouse using NFC simply by placing it on an NFC wireless charging mouse mat.

The charging mat incorporates an NFC Forum-compliant poller antenna that enables the NFC charging listener in the mouse to harvest 1W of power. It also includes automatic device and foreign object detection and charging control functions.

Chinese original design manufacturer Luxshare-ICT has released the charging mat as the first in a series of proof-of-concept designs for NFC wireless charging solutions for computer peripherals and wearable devices in order “to accelerate adoption of NFC wireless charging”, the company says.

“These designs will provide ready-made implementations of NFC wireless charging, enabling consumer electronics manufacturers to add wireless charging capability quickly and easily to products such as computer mice, keyboards and styluses, and to true wireless stereo earbuds, smart rings, smart watches and other consumer devices.”

The design uses a chipset supplied by Panthronics and is available now for demonstration to computing device manufacturers.

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