Morocco launches national digital identity platform 

Citizens of Morocco can now scan information from their contactless National Electronic Identity Card (CNIE) to create a digital identity using a national digital identity platform launched by the country’s Digital Development Agency and General Directorate of National Security (DGNS).

Morocco Digital Development Agency logo

Users can access the service via the My Digital Identity app and use their digital ID to verify their identity when accessing a range of public and private online services by securely sharing personal data from their CNIE card.

Users can select which information they consent to share and add further layers of authentication — such as biometric fingerprint, face recognition or a one-time password — according to the level of security required.

Trusted platform

“The solution is based on DGNS’s Trusted Third Party platform. It shares the users’ exact personal data from their identity cards with the companies in complete security, according to DGNS,” Morocco World News reports.

“The platform should confirm the identity of the user and share it with the service provider while ensuring the protection of the user’s personal information and reducing the risk of identity fraud.

“In addition, the new solution uses multi-factor authentication (MFA), a strong authentication and security process that requires at least two validation factors to prove the user’s identity. 

“Moroccans can use their CNIEs as proof of identity for different places. They can physically present their electronic identity card to agents of authorised institutions by the DGSN to scan it and prove the holder’s identity.

“Citizens can also provide proof of identity from home by scanning their CNIE using an NFC reader connected to their PC or a smartphone.

“Both service users and providers can use the My Digital Identity mobile application and website to access the services.”

France also announced it is to let citizens generate digital ID by scanning their contactless national identity card with an NFC smartphone earlier this month.

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