Singapore lets residents store digital Covid vaccination certificates on Android devices

Singapore digital Covid vaccine certificates on Android smartphone
HEALTHCERT: Singaporeans can now add their digital Covid vaccination certificate to Android devices

Residents of Singapore can now add a digital version of their Covid-19 vaccination certificate to their Android device and access it from Google Pay or by adding a shortcut to their device’s home page.

“Users may request issuance of their Vaccination HealthCert via the Notarise portal,” Singapore’s GovTech agency explains.

“Existing holders would need to get their Vaccination HealthCert reissued in order to save and access it on Google Pay.

“You will be able to view details via your designated email address after a successful issuance.

“A link to Google Pay will be available towards the bottom of the issuance email. Click on it and follow the instructions to add your HealthCert to Google Pay.

“Currently only Vaccination HealthCerts can be saved on Google Pay, and will be extended to [the] pre-departure test results in the future.”

Singapore is the fourth country to enable Android users to store their Covid vaccination status document on their mobile device following rollouts in the US, Australia and parts of Canada.

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