Australia and England let residents store Covid-19 vaccination certificates in their digital wallet

Australia digital vaccination certificate
DIGITAL PROOF: Australians can store their vaccine passports in either Apple Wallet or Google Pay

Residents of Australia can now opt to store a digital vaccination certificate proving that they have been fully inoculated against Covid-19 in either Apple Wallet on an iOS device or in Google Pay on an Android device.

Apple users in England can also now opt to load their digital Covid-19 vaccine certificate — known as the NHS Covid Pass — to Apple Wallet as well as accessing it through the National Health Service NHS App.

“If you obtain your NHS Covid Pass through the NHS App using an iPhone or iPad, then you will be able to store your Covid Pass using the Apple Wallet,” the website explains.

“You can then use this to show your Covid-19 status at events and venues in England, but not for international travel.

“You will see the ‘store in your Apple Wallet’ tab on your screen within the NHS App. If you store a PDF version of your Covid Pass in your Apple Wallet please note the expiry date – the PDF version will expire after 30 days. It will only refresh in the NHS App itself. This means you may need to download an updated NHS Covid Pass before you next need to use it.”

Android users in England have not yet been given the option to store their NHS Covid Pass in Google Pay, but can access it on their mobile device via the National Health Service’s NHS app.

In Australia, residents who have received the required doses of vaccine can use a similar system to access their digital Covid-19 certificate via the Express Plus Medicare app or their online Medicare account. They are then given the option to load it into Apple Wallet or Google Pay according to the device they are using.

England rolled out digital vaccine certificates on both the iOS and Android versions of the NHS App in May.

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